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Welcome to another exciting year of spiritual renewal and growth. Religious education is a lifelong experience. The best teaching allows the student to learn through their own experience. It is learning from the inside out. We can learn as long as we live if we are open to new experiences and reflect honestly on our lives. We learn in school, in nature, at work and certainly in our families. A good religious education program helps to strengthen families. It is also collaborative. Children help each other to learn in a noncompetitive environment. Teachers can also tell you that they are learning alongside their students.

In our Sunday School, lessons are geared to the different developmental levels of the students. Children are accepted for who they are. We aim to create nonjudgmental classrooms where each child's special skills are appreciated. Since we look at all religions as having a common religious base we are open to studying the ideas and traditions of many different cultures. We would know the heart of religion.

If all your child learned in Sunday School was how to be loving and kind, accepting and tolerant, how to see the goodness inside of every person, how to be enriched by differences, how to work with other people, how to speak the truth without aiming to hurt, how to learn from experience, how to be true to their convictions, how to lend a helping hand - if this was all your child learned in Sunday School, we hope you would be happy. We would, for it is our goal for all of us to learn these things.

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