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Alliances of Women - Service & Fellowship Since 1843

Women of the congregations Afternoon and Evening Alliances have been a part of the history of the Mendon Church since 1843, with a record of service and fellowship that extends to our times. First called the Ladies Circle in 1843, the name was changed to the Ladies Circle and Alliance in 1903, to the Mendon Branch Alliance in 1927 and to the Mendon Afternoon Alliance in 1945. The Joseph Emerson Evening Alliance, organized in 1934, was named in honor of the first minister of the church, with the stated purpose to promote fellowship. The Evening Alliance was an offshoot of the Afternoon Alliance for the mothers of young children and working members who were unable to attend the afternoon session. Many (if not all) of the Afternoon Alliance, are also members of the Evening Alliance.

In addition to promoting fellowship, members of the alliance have been supporting the church in other ways. In 1881, they purchased a stove to heat the church. In 1895, the Ladies Circle began purchasing flatware and cookware. The first chicken pie supper was served at the annual fair in 1899.

Since 1980, members of the Alliances have donated generously more than $15,000 for equipment, and decorations, and amenities for Goss Hall and the Mendon sanctuary, including renovation of the Ladies Parlor a few years ago at a cost of over $1,400. All this is from an active membership of 16 to 18 ladies!

Page last updated: 12/03/2008

Berneta DeVries
Our thanks to Berneta DeVries (Joseph Emerson Evening Alliance President) for the Alliance updates.

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